Know where your Circle members are at all times. Get notified when they arrive or leave.
Life.Me is an app that cares about the safety of your loved ones.
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Family’s and Friends’location.
Always know the exact location of your family members and friends. See them on the map with just one click.
Invite your family members or friends to different Circles. Get notified about their current location, low battery charge level and more.
Travel History
Detailed travel records for the past days. See all the stops and stays with their exact durations.
Get automatic notifications when Circle members come or leave Home, School, Office. Create you own custom Places and set custom notifications.
How it works
How it works
  • Check the location of your close ones by tapping on their photos. Tapping on the photo will show you the person right on the map.
  • Create Places and get notified when Circle members come or leave. Most popular Places such as Home, School or Office are already in the app for you. It will help you to quickly set up Life.Me for your needs and to start getting notifications on when your kids leave school and return home.
  • If the battery charge level of one of the Circle member’s goes low you will have an opportunity to let him/her know about it at the right moment.
  • Review the travel history of your children for the past days. Make sure that your child chooses safe paths walking back home from school. Update the current location of your circle members at any moment.
Group or private chats with your Circle members at no cost.
Trace location by phone number
This unique feature allows you to get the location of the person even if he/she doesn’t have the app installed! Just enter the phone number of the person and get the location shown on the map.v
Web account
Now you have access to all the activity in your account right on the website - no phone needed!
Choose the type of the map you prefer - Apple or Google. Moreover you can choose satellite map mode if you want to see real images of the surroundings.